Tab trigger Description
crud crud actions
defcreate def create - resource
format format.format
rest respond_to


Tab trigger Description
deftg def test_should_get_action
deftp def test_should_post_action

meta.rails.migration - meta.rails.migration.create_table - meta.rails.migration.change_table

Tab trigger Description
mcol Add Column
mcol Remove Column
mcol Change Column
mcol Rename Column
mind Remove Index
mind Add Index
mtab Create Table
mtab Drop Table


Tab trigger Description
mccc Create Several Columns in Table
mcol Create Column in Table

meta.rails.migration.create_table, meta.rails.migration.change_table

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t. t.boolean (tcb)
t. (tcda)
t. t.timestamps (tctss)
t. t.timestamp (tcts)
t. t.time (tcti)
t. t.text (tct)
t. t.string (tcs)
t. t.rename (tre)
t. t.binary (tcbi)
t. t.lock_version (tcl)
t. t.integer (tci)
t. t.float (tcf)
t. t.decimal (tcd)
t. t.datetime (tcdt)
t. t.references (tcr)
tcb Table column boolean
tcbi Table column binary
tcd Table column decimal
tcda Table column date
tcdt Table column datetime
tcf Table column float
tci Table column integer
tcl Table column lock_version
tcr Table column(s) references
tcs Table column string
tct Table column text
tcti Table column time
tcts Table column timestamp
tctss Table column timestamps
tre Table column(s) rename


Tab trigger Description
res resources :resource_name
resd resources with an empty params block
resdc resources with a custom collection block
resdm resources with a custom member block
reso resources :name, only: [:actions]


Tab trigger Description
asd assert_difference
asg assert(var = assigns(:var))
asnd assert_no_difference
cla Create functional test class
class class NAME end
con Create controller class
defi Define initializer method


Tab trigger Description
aftc after_create
aftd after_destroy
afts after_save
aftu after_update
aftv after_validation
aftvoc after_validation on create
aftvou after_validation on update
arc Active Record model
art assert_redirected_to
artnp assert_redirected_to (nested path)
artnpp assert_redirected_to (nested path plural)
artp assert_redirected_to (path)
artpp assert_redirected_to (path plural)
asre assert_response
ass assert_select
befc before_create
befd before_destroy
befs before_save
befu before_update
befv before_validation
befvoc before_validation on create
befvou before_validation on update
bt belongs_to
crw cattr_accessor
fina find(:all)
finf find(:first)
fini find(id)
flash flash[…]
habtm has_and_belongs_to_many
hm has_many
hmd has_many dependent: :destroy
hmt has_many (through)
ho has_one
hot has_one through
logd logger.debug
loge logger.error
logf logger.fatal
logw logger.warn
lsc lambda
mp map(&:sym_proc)
mrw mattr_accessor
ra render (action)
ral render (action, layout)
rea redirect_to (action)
reai redirect_to (action, id)
rec redirect_to (controller)
reca redirect_to (controller, action)
recai redirect_to (controller, action, id)
renp redirect_to (nested path)
renpp redirect_to (nested path plural)
rep redirect_to (path)
repp redirect_to (path plural)
returning returning do |variable| … end
rf render (file)
rfu render (file, use_full_path)
ri render (inline)
ril render (inline, locals)
rit render (inline, type)
rl render (layout)
rn render (nothing)
rns render (nothing, status)
rps render (partial, status)
rt render (text)
rtl render (text, layout)
rtlt render (text, layout: true)
rts render (text, status)
ru render (update)
sc scope
scar scope with arguments
va validates_associated
vaif validates_associated if
vao validates_acceptance_of
vaoif validates_acceptance_of if
vc validates_confirmation_of
vcif validates_confirmation_of if
ve validates_exclusion_of
veif validates_exclusion_of if
verify verify — redirect
verify verify — render
vf validates_format_of
vfif validates_format_of if
vi validates_inclusion_of
viif validates_inclusion_of if
vl validates_length_of
vlif validates_length_of if
vn validates_numericality_of
vnif validates_numericality_of if
vp validates_presence_of
vpif validates_presence_of if
vu validates_uniqueness_of
vuif validates_uniqueness_of if
xdelete xhr delete
xget xhr get
xpost xhr post
xput xhr put

source.ruby.rails, text.haml

Tab trigger Description
rp render partial
rpc render (partial, collection)
rpo render (partial, object)


Tab trigger Description
fi <%= Fixtures.identify(:symbol) %>


Tab trigger Description
end end (ERB)
for for loop in rhtml

text.html.ruby, text.haml

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f. f.password_field (ffpf)
f. f.submit (ffs)
f. f.check_box (ffcb)
f. f.text_field (fftf)
f. f.file_field (ffff)
f. f.label (ffl)
f. f.hidden_field (ffhf)
f. f.text_area (ffta)
f. f.radio_box (ffrb)
ff form_for
ffcb form_for check_box
ffe form_for with errors
ffff form_for file_field
ffhf form_for hidden_field
ffl form_for label
ffpf form_for password_field
ffrb form_for radio_box
ffs form_for submit
ffta form_for text_area
fftf form_for text_field
ft form_tag
ist image_submit_tag
jit javascript_include_tag
lia link_to (action)
liai link_to (action, id)
lic link_to (controller)
lica link_to (controller, action)
licai link_to (controller, action, id)
lim link_to model
linp link_to (nested path)
linpp link_to (nested path plural)
lip link_to (path)
lipp link_to (path plural)
slt stylesheet_link_tag
st submit_tag